Let’s Do the Harlem Shake

This photo is part of a new series called the “Monday Moment” where on Mondays, I will share a photo usually from the past week or two (although it could be from any time in the past) which highlights an interesting moment or story that isn’t worthy of its own individual post.

Harlem Shake UA

We were ready.  After word had been going around for a week that there would be a gathering on the Quad for the University of Alabama to have its very own Harlem Shake, it was now time.  Yep, my university was going to be like everyone else and make their own ridiculous dance video, and it was going to be so much fun.

Practically EVERYONE on campus had heard, it seemed, as there were a few thousand students all jammed together as if some big concert were about to happen. Some were in costumes, some wearing normal clothes, some in creepy masks.  People were climbing up onto each others’ backs and onto trees.  Big Al, the school elephant mascot, was even pumped up and ready to dance like an idiot.

The police weren’t ready though, unfortunately.  The school wasn’t either.  Just as we were about to get ready to make our massive crowd dance and be awesome, the police rained on our parade and announced that we didn’t have “school permission” and therefore couldn’t continue with our harmless fun.  Dumbest.  Thing.  Ever.

This picture shows only a fraction of the mass of people, right before the police had to ruin it all.  However, it was still an awesome experience watching so many students show up in awesome costumes and props and all sorts of things.  One girl even got carried in like a queen on a mattress.

And although it may not have been what we were hoping for, we still got this in the end:

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