Monday Moment #3: Sunset Adventure on the River

Black warrior sunset

When my Saudi friend, who also happens to be a professional photographer, called me up one Friday asking me to meet him at the Black Warrior River at sunset, I was there in a heartbeat.  Why?  First of all, I had been telling myself for weeks that I needed to snap a photo of one of Tuscaloosa’s amazing sunsets while by the river.  And second – well, because he’s a professional photographer.  I was interested in seeing the master at work.

So as the sun and its brilliant orange glow dipped slowly dipped below the horizon, we ran along the river, searching for the perfect spot for him to set up and catch the perfect shot.  On the way we snapped plenty of photos, him with his hardcore DSLR camera and lens, and me armed with my dinky little digital camera.  This photo shows our final place during our photographic adventure, with my friend setting up his tripod and silhouetted against the sunset and river in front of him.

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