A Look Into the Future: My Experience with a Psychic

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of ghosts, superstitions, and all those people who believe they have the ability to see into the future.  Yet at the same time, they’ve always kind of fascinated me.  I often myself watching paranormal shows, like Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel, looking for any reason or horrifying story to change my mind and make me believe.

So when my friend Victoria and I decided one day, on a whim, to find a psychic nearby, get our fortunes told, and see if they were fake or not, I was all game.

Once our quest finally brought us to an actual psychic, we instantly felt skeptical.  The place looked like your average house along a main road, minus the signs in the window and on the front lawn indicating that there was in fact someone who considered themself a psychic.  Before we could chicken out and back down, a lady suddenly opened the door and beckoned us inside.

Our first reactions were exactly what you’d expect from two teenage girls who grew up in a sheltered environment.  Is this safe? Should I really just be walking into some random stranger’s home?

But I guess we chose to forget the paranoid attitudes our parents drilled into us, and followed the woman inside.

2 hours and 2 fortunes later, I was actually surprised, and I was also pretty happy with the fortune I got.

So what did she foretell, you ask?  Here’s a look into my future through the eyes of this psychic:

photo credit: farmpd.com

First off, to confirm her legitimacy I guess, she told me some things about my character and also about the past.  Relative to boys, she told me I’d had my heart broken multiple times (with some oddly specific and correct details about some of these past boys), but with each time I had come back stronger and more focused on my own goals in life.  Check and check.  This was a good start, she seemed to know her stuff.

And then she got into the really good stuff, aka my future.  Here are my favorite things she predicted:

1.  I would never settle down in life.

She told me I would, for the most part, live a very nomadic life and travel a lot in my lifetime.  And I was very happy to hear this.  She was basically just reiterating my main goal and dream, which was exactly what I wanted to hear would play out in my future.  I’m not sure whether or not she was also talking about if I would settle down with another person, but speaking of that…

2.  She predicted my future love life.

She may not have said I wouldn’t settle with a person, but she did say that I wouldn’t settle.  She told me that apparently I now have some “checklist” for guys, not necessarily for physical looks, but just for the kind of person they are.  Who knows about that.  She predicted two future relationships, with many smaller things in between – saying there would be one in a year, although it wouldn’t last because I realize they’re not for me.  And there would also be another relationship in three years, but she didn’t give any other details about this one.    I guess I’ll find out whether or not she was right in the coming years!

3.  I kind of have it all figured out.

Not necessarily.  Like nowhere close to that.  But she told me I have figured out what I want in life and understand it more so than many fifty year-olds do.  In other words, I’ve got a good handle on where I want my life to end up and I have just recently had the epiphanies that lead me to this realization.  I’d love to think I’m as obsolete as that, although I’m not.  But for the most part, maybe I have finally figured out what I want from life.

4.  My determination would take me far

Last, but certainly not least, the psychic predicted I would be successful when it came to my dreams and goals in life (ahem, Living a life full of travel to be more specific) because of how determined I was to follow it.  Now, in her words, there was nothing that could sway me from the course that I had put myself on, and I would stick with it until the end.

Was she real? Was she a fake?  I guess the world will never know and it’s up to you whether or not you believe psychic power is real.  But a few things are for sure:

She knew things from my past.

She described the exact kind of life I hope to live.

She came up with a future I am more than happy about.

And only the future itself will reveal the truth.

As always, I can’t wait to find out.

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