Now You See It, Now You Don’t

“I think I see something!” I shouted at my friends.

But no, I was wrong.  We were still standing on the same rock, looking out into the same gray mass of cloud that cloaked Cannon Mountain’s peak, shielding tourists from the pretty mountain views they had come here to see.

Making the most of it by doing funny poses in front of the cloudy abyss.

Earlier that day, my friend Victoria and I had spontaneously decided to take a new adventure with Julie, my french exchange student, before she left the US within the next few days.

Our decided destination: the White Mountains of northern New Hampshire, a mere two hours away.

Mountain of choice: Cannon Mountain, which has a tramway that gives people a ride to the top, $15 for a round trip.   This way, we wouldn’t have to do a long, drawn out hike which we did not have time for.

So that was how we ended up here, on top of this mountain, feeling like the $15 had not been worth it at all because we were getting cheated out of the views we had come for, all because some clouds had moved in.

But still hopeful, we pressed on, following the trail to the observation deck in the hope that the clouds might have cleared by the time we got there.

When we reached the observation deck, we were greeted with a familiar yet unwanted sight.

Fifty Shades of Gray.  Great.  Another mass of clouds to stare at in boredom, as the cold wind whipped our hair into a wild frenzy.

Now you don’t see it…

But after a few minutes, we began to see a change.  The clouds began dispersing, a ray of sun poked its way through the clouds, and before we knew it…

Now you do!

BAM!  The kind of view we had been hoping to see appeared before us, and we stared out over the endlessly rolling green mountains and sparkling lakes stretching out as far as the eye could see.  We appreciated this for a little while and then, just like before, the gray clouds returned to reclaim their view.  Just like that.  Now you see it….Now you don’t.

So with that we took the tram back down the mountain, satisfied we got a view, yet still holding to the belief that it had not been worth the money.  And with a couple more hours to kill, at the end of the day we ended up in a Thai restaurant in the center of the little mountain-shadowed town of Lincoln, NH.  The day finished off with a good note, with me finally having my first experiences with Thai food as well as fried ice cream, both of which I have been dying to try.


All of this just goes to show that sometimes the most spontaneous, and unpredictable days can become the most interesting of all.  In my opinion, random moments and adventures always make the best stories.

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