Top Ten Thrills at Six Flags New England

If you haven’t already figured it out, please let me inform you that I am a roller coaster maniac. Adrenaline Junkie. You name it.

I love to do things that really get my adrenaline going and that a normal person might be a little scared to do.  Sky diving, bungee jumping, zip lining, parasailing, jetskiing, are all sorts of things that are on my bucket list.  And naturally, because of this, Six Flags amusement parks are like a wonderland for me.

And so, after experiencing all it has to offer,  here are the ten most awesome rides at the Six Flags nearest to me:

10.  Houdini’s Great Escape

Although this ride may not be some heart-pounding, stomach wrenching, roller coaster, it impresses in a different way – IT BLOWS YOUR MIND.  It definitely lives up to its name.  I still can’t quite make sense of how exactly the ride worked.  It had me so confused. While on this indoor ride, you can’t tell which way is  up or down, nor how a room can possibly move the way it does.  It’s impossible to explain.  The only way to kind of understand is to go on it yourself…except even then you would still be left with a dozen questions at the back of your mind.

9.  Pandemonium

This tiny little coaster is surprisingly a lot of fun for its size.  It’s one short, awesome ride, spinning you around while simultaneously going up and down, around twists and turns, while you’re laughing with three of your other friends in the four-person car.

8.  The Catapult

No ride really compares to this one.  It’s unique to say the least. Turning the entire 360 degrees around, with you strapped into your seat, practically suffocating, but still secure.  Even though you can’t really breathe, at least you know you won’t fall out.  You go from sitting normally in your constraints, to being flung towards the sky, to watching the ground slowly come closer and closer to you as your stomach drops.  And then back in the opposite direction!

7.  Tomahawk

Pure happiness.  That’s basically what you feel as the disk you sit in (or the “Tomahawk” in this case) spins around, moving back and forth, bringing you up high and then spinning you back towards the ground as you get butterflies in your stomach and laugh hysterically while experiencing this joy.

6.  Cyclone

A ride on this is a minute or so of screeching, rickety madness.  This old school roller coaster looks as if it could keel over any second, and a shrieking noise pierces your ears as the cart makes its way around the track.  But, as the roller coaster car whips its way around and up and down, that only adds to the fun and terrifying awesomeness!

5.  Batman

Quite the opposite of the cyclone, yet still a blast and even more fun.  Sleek, smooth, and a few other synonyms would be best to describe a ride on this.  A loopty loop roller coaster, I guess the best way to describe it would be to say it’s like you’re having a ride on batman’s motorcycle, except the motorcycle flies around and can stick to walls and go upside-down.  Which it probably already does…

4.  Mind Eraser

With the amount of head shaking this did, I’m pretty sure my mind was erased by the end.  But this is just absolutely terrifying. And no – I’m not talking about being scared of being up high or spinning around or going super fast, all of which I absolutely love.  When you first take a seat on this roller coaster before it takes off, you see sign on the back of the seat in front of you with a big WARNING displayed.  “Do not extend feet – risk of injury”.  That’s what scared me.  As the roller coaster whipped around, basically shaking my brains out, it would always seem like we were coming a little too close to the ground or to a pole or support holding the coaster up.  I kept my legs down with probably a little too much effort for fear of that warning I saw.  But there was nothing to be worried about of course! It may have seemed like we got too close to things, but we actually didn’t.  The danger I thought existed and the speed only make this roller coaster so much more awesome.

3.  Scream

Yes, you will most definitely scream – scream in excitement!  This ride, towering over the rest of the park at over twenty stories tall, gives you the free fall of your life.  It brings you up to the very top, where you are left hanging in suspense as you temporarily take in the amazing views of the park, the river, and the rest of the countryside that surrounds it.  And then you are sent hurtling down the twenty stories towards the ground...and then back up again! And then back down.  And then unfortunately the excitement must come to an end.  Getting off any ride is most definitely the worst part, this one especially.

2.  Flashback

More like deja vu.  Haven’t I already been this way? Why yes, yes you have, you’re just going down it backwards now.  Didn’t I already go around this loop? Yes of course you idiot, same deal as last time.  You’re just going in the opposite direction now, around the same loops and the same drops at the same high speeds, just backwards.  And you know what that means? IT’S MORE FUN!  Enjoy yourself on this coaster, because I certainly did.

1.  Bizarro

THE MOST FUN EVER.  SO. FREAKING. AWESOME.  I can’t even begin to describe or fathom how awesome and how much fun this roller coaster is.  I thought Superman: Ride of Steel was the best thing ever back when I rode it in 2008, but Bizarro has triumphed.  Bizarro sports a fresh new coat of purple paint and has improved upon itself with speakers in the seat blasting music into your ears while you ride, new flashing lights and tunnels, yet still with the same ridiculously awesome ride reaching speeds of 60 mph.  It most certainly lives up to its name as the #1 Steel Coaster on the plant.  Every time I come to Six Flags I always end up riding it multiple times because of how much fun it is – beginning with the first, huge drop, it is worth every pulse-pounding minute of sheer awesomeness.  It 100% goes down in the books as my favorite roller coaster on this planet, and I can’t wait until I find one that can beat it, if that is even possible.

* * *

Now these may be my top ten rides at Six Flags New England, but I can’t forget about one other very important roller coaster.

The Goliath.  The newest addition to the amusement park, which lives up to its name, being a monstrous green roller coaster.  It looks like a green, mammoth version of Flashback, with people who have experienced it describing it to me as disgustingly scary and awesome.  Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to ride this huge thing, because after a short thunderstorm while I was at Six Flags, the Goliath closed down for the rest of the day.  And therefore, I unfortunately could not ride it.  However, I am positive it would’ve made it somewhere on this list had I been able to.

We will meet one day, Goliath.

As for you Bizarro, I hope we shall meet again.


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