I’m Flying Solo, I’m Flying Solo…

In the next couple days, I will finally be writing posts about my trip to Florida, which happened in mid-May! And if you couldn’t tell by the title, I flew down by myself, and met up with my gymnastics coach once I actually got to Fort Myers.  If you’re wondering why I met up with my gymnastics coach, it’s because the purpose of this trip was for me to compete at the National High School Gymnastics Competition, which was taking place in Ft. Myers, Florida.  This was the last gymnastics competition that I will ever compete in! And although the trip was for gymnastics purposes, it definitely felt more like a vacation for me.

But yes, this was my first time ever flying by myself.  No big deal right? I mean, I was going on 18 (I am 18 now!) meaning I was soon to be an adult, and I was basically already one, so who cares, I can handle myself right?


I was absolutely right in my thinking, but did my parents agree with this like they should? Nope!

Of course, they let me go on the trip, that’s a start, but it was way more dramatic than it had be.  I constantly reminded them that I was going to be flying and living on my own once I begin college, and I also constantly tell them that I will be traveling around the world solo in the future! I feel like they didn’t quite get it…

Don’t talk to strangers! Don’t dawdle around, go right to your gate for your connection flight!….Call every time you get on or off a plane!….Call the second you get to the hotel!…..Don’t ever walk anywhere by yourself, not even in the hotel, it could be dangerous!….Don’t go walking on the beach by yourself!….If you don’t follow these instructions you won’t be able to fly on your own ever again!”

“Yes mom, okay….yeah….okay…this is ridiculous….don’t worry mom.”  I’m definitely not quite sure my parents understood the whole I’ll be living on my own in a few months part.

Now don’t take me for some whiny, ungrateful, stereotypical teenager.  I totally understand that they’re just worried about my safety, but it’s time for them to let go.  I will be living and traveling on my own in the future and they’re going to have to get used to it eventually.

And were there any problems? Absolutely not.  I made it to Chicago, and even made a few friends before getting onto my connection flight to Ft. Myers.  And I called my mother the ridiculous number of times she had asked me to, so she was satisfied.  I even made it by taxi to the resort safely, although the ride was relatively scary.  I was driving through a thunderstorm after midnight, with a relatively sketchy taxi driver, although he turned out to be really nice.  Just goes to show you never judge people.

So, did I follow all those other expectations my parents had besides calling them? Definitely not.  Was I fine? Obviously.  Did I get kidnapped when I walked through town or down the beach on my own? Obviously not.

One day, I will be traveling around the world.  SOLO.  And I will be living on my own during college and afterwards.  I’m not sure why they can’t come to terms with this, or why they can’t believe it, but it’s a fact.  My solo plane ride was just one of many times this issue has come up, and I hope these instances end soon.

As for the rest of you, I really hope you enjoyed my ranting and rambling!

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