Celebratory Sunsets on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Think places with awesome, gorgeous, picture-perfect sunsets – there’s probably a million and one.  Mostly places that have a coast facing West right? Now think of somewhere that literally celebrates each and every sunset.  The only place for me that comes to mind is Florida’s Gulf Coast, specifically Cape Coral.

I took this photo with my Iphone, which goes to show how awesome these sunsets really are, and also at the same time as a large pelican happened to swoop over the water, being silhouetted by the sun.

Every day, crowds of tourists and locals would gather at the pier on Ft. Myers Beach, and sit in awe to watch these beauties unfold each and every day.  It was definitely amazing to watch unfold, and many of the gymnasts and coaches would talk of being able to make it out of the competition and onto the beach in time to sit in awe as the sun dipped below the horizon, bringing with it a colorful display across the sky.

In Fort Myers, people would simply come to the pier to celebrate the sunset, but not too far away in Naples, people would ring a bell every time the sun was about to set.  On hearing the bell, people would come running, and the bell would continue to ring until the sun had dipped below the horizon.

I wouldn’t usually stand with anyone to watch it, but instead would walk along the water and take photos.  Sunsets here were the most beautiful I had ever seen, and I loved watching them every day.  But then again, I haven’t been to too many places yet.

Where was the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen?

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