Let’s Take a Moment to Get Ourselves Together

OKAY, OKAY, I’m sorry.  For probably the almost nonexistent amount of you who read my blog, I apologize.  Most of all I’m attempting to apologize to myself.  It’s true that I haven’t written a post in almost a month, and you’re probably wondering why.

The reason: it was the month of May.

Possibly the craziest month ever.  After I returned from my family’s short trip to Pennsylvania, everything was non-stop.  There were many different things occupying my time, literally beginning the day after I returned:

1.  Spanish and English AP Tests For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, AP tests stand for “Advanced Placement” tests which you take in order to earn college credit prior to actually going to college.  I had to study for these and pray I did well. . . and I won’t even find out my scores until July.

2.  School  This one is obvious.  Once I got back, I once again had to sit through 6 hours of ennui and pointlessness every day.

3.  Homework/Make-Up Work  Not only did I have my regular hours of homework to attend to every night, but I also had the make-up work for the three days that I missed.  Homework+More Homework+Make-Up Work = A serious lack of sleep as well as free time.  Awesome.

4.  My Job  I do have a summer job, working at this mini golf course with an ice cream parlor and arcade.  And since I started my job up once again the last week of April, every weekend I was free and a few other afternoons during the week was spent working here.  Good part: I earn more money to put towards saving for college.  Bad part: I have no free time to write more posts on my blog when coupled with everything else.

5.  Senioritis For all you nonbelievers and critics, you better believe it.  Senioritis is a real thing, affecting all students in their last year of high school who suddenly realize after being accepting to college that not all this matters as much as they thought it did, and bigger and better things lie ahead.  Even the smartest kids all of a sudden start slacking a lot and becoming lazy.  And as much as it affected the rest of my class, I also had it BAD.  Before you go on about how I’m just another lazy kid, let me tell you that I did do all my work.  My problem was and will forever be Procrastination.  I would wait to do almost everything until the last minute, and instead spend that extra time daydreaming about future events as well as planning and getting excited about going off to college in August.  In other words, my mind was elsewhere, and most definitely not at high school.  While on the computer trying to write a paper, I almost always am distracted by the internet and instead of doing the paper, I would find myself browsing through travel blogs, fantasizing about travel and also planning posts I could write on my own blog.  So on top of everything else, this created even less time for me.

Now despite everything I had on my plate here in New Hampshire, something much better was also taking up much of my time during the month of May….

6.  Traveling!! That’s right, you guessed it.  Not only did I go to Pennsylvania the first week of May, but I also took two more trips! Both of them were great, and also helpful pauses  to the ongoing craziness that is the end to my senior year.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t write posts while I was travelling because I don’t have my laptop yet.  But here is where I went:

 1. Fort Myers, Florida

 The first of my trips during the month of May was to the sunshine state, the place all typical Americans like to call the place to go on vacation to.  I got to spend four days in one of those all-inclusive resorts right on the sunny, white-sand beach of Ft. Myers.  This wasn’t just a random vacation though.  I went to compete at the NHSGA (National High School Gymnastics Association) National  Competition, which took place here.  For all of you that don’t know, I’ve done gymnastics since I was 7 years old, and I am (was, now) on my high school gymnastics team.  Despite the trip being for gymnastics purposes, this took up only a small portion of the time, with the rest spent doing other things.

 2.  Tuscaloosa, Alabama

My second destination, aka my future home. In just a few short months I will be moving down to this awesome university-based town to attend college at The University of Alabama.  And of course, my trip down to the South was for college purposes as well, since I had to go to Orientation.  I will definitely be writing a lot about this place once I’m living there in the fall.


 So there you have it – the past three weeks in a nutshell! I can’t wait to finally get writing about these past two adventures, as well as many more.  And I should be able to really get going soon, since high school is finally coming to an end soon.

3 DAYS LEFT!  That’s right folks, just three solid days left of high school and then I am done, forever.

And then we’ve got finals, and graduation, and all that nonsense, but that’s besides the point.  High school is almost over, and then I can really get into writing my posts without the endless homework load and studying and no sleep hanging over my head – AND I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT FOR IT ANY LONGER.  Bring it.

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