Amateur Photographer on the Loose: Gettysburg

For all of you who have grown up and attended school in the United States, chances are you have at least heard of this small town in Pennsylvania, famous for the battles fought here during the Civil War as well as for Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.  You probably took a test on it, asnwered a question about it, or maybe you even had to memorize the whole “Four score and twenty years ago. . .” so on and so forth.

Yes, well, approximately three days and a few hours ago I was out and about, exploring the town of Gettysburg, armed with my Sony Cybershot Digital Camera, looking like your average tourist, snapping photos of random things wherever I went.

This trip of mine to Gettysburg, unlike the ones I went on the past three years, did not include the battlefields tour however.  I did this tour a couple of times with my parents before, and I found it ridiculously boring.  A boring person standing there blabbing about history while you sit and stare is definitely not my cup of tea.  These photos were all taken in the center of Gettysburg and also near my grandmother’s house.

They get to walk around in costume all day…what a nice little job.

Yes, being blocked by this little red cup are some of my family and relatives.

Oh hey, I think that’s my little sister on the right there!

Oh snap, we crossed over the line. We’re such badasses.

The End!

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