And so the Journey begins….or does it?

For all of you expecting this blog to be the detailed journals of around the world travels, from an experienced traveller, then you are wrong. That is not what this blog is…

…not yet of course!

My travels in the world have only just begun, and so has this blog, seeing as I am currently only a senior in high school.  While other kids in my class, when asked the question “What is your dream?”, will probably answer with their career goals and how they hope to make a lot of money in the future, I on the other hand will always answer without hesitation that it is my dream to travel the world.  It is not a matter of ‘if’ this will happen, but when.

I do have some travels under my belt, but compared to the majority of travelers writing in the blogosphere, the travelling I have accomplished is next to nothing.  I loyally follow five travel blogs on a regular basis, but I do browse through many more in my spare time.  I will probably make a list of these blogs soon (hopefully they might add my blog address onto their blogroll as well?!).

As for now, I live in the state of New Hampshire, excitedly awaiting my high school graduation in the next month and a half.  I have lived in this same small town in NH for the past 16 years (after moving here from Massachusetts when I was only 2) and I am more than ready to get out of this town, move onto bigger and better things in the coming years, and most importantly, explore the world.

I never really developed this passion for travel I now have until last year, even before I went on my first trip out of the country to Spain last summer.  I’d never even made it out of New England until when I was 9 and my family went on vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Florida.  I know, the typical family vacation, big surprise. I had a blast going on rides though, because I am kind of an adrenaline junkie, or at the least a roller coaster fanatic.  However, now that I think about it, I wish we could have gone somewhere more interesting rather than this stereotypical tourist hotspot.

My parents are most definitely tourists, and not wannabe hardcore travellers like me.  They’ll jump onto any guided tour bus whatever place we go, and often will choose not to travel and instead spend their money on other things, like pointless renovations to our house.  I love to explore though.  Guided tours and history lessons often bore me to tears, with a few exceptions, so instead I like to get out and explore places, experience new things, see amazing and unusual sights, and meet new and interesting people.   I’m very big on having adventures, hence the name of my blog! I would love to be called a true adventurer one day.

So my passion for travel did extend partly from my love of adventure and new experiences, but not entirely.  I have always been obsessed with languages, and I have found I pick them up very quickly.  I have been taking Spanish since my middle school years and I have found I am relatively good at it.  I plan to double major in Spanish, along with International Studies, when I begin college at the University of Alabama this August.  This year, my senior year, I also decided to take French for the first time because of the openings in my schedule, and I picked this language up very easily too.

The Arabic language, one which is not offered in my school or probably any in the area for that matter, is one which I have also grown to love.  My dad was supposed to travel to the UAE a number of years ago, and he bought an Arabic Rosetta Stone for that, but for some reason this trip got cancelled, and the Rosetta Stone was left untouched in some desk drawer in my houe…..until three years ago when I discovered it! Since then I’ve been using the program to learn the language, and I love it.  Arabic is going to be my minor next year, and I hope to become fluent in it and work in the Middle East if possible! Those would of course be my career goals.

Once again I find myself rambling on about my future plans…but anyways, I’m obsessed with learning languages, and I am also super interested in geography and different cultures.  Those three things are what I really do enjoy learning about in school, and also part of the reason that I now have my passion for travelling.  Ever since last year, I’ve found myself randomly browsing through Lonely Planet’s website during study hall, looking up a new country everyday, with people around me questioning why I was spending my time doing this and why I was on this website.  I’m never sure how to reply to these questions.

So yeah…that’s basically everything in a nutshell! I hope one day this blog will be full of all my adventures, with lots of readers, and I also hope I will be able to accomplish many round the world, backpacking trips! Until then, if you’re reading this and actually find my blog interesting, I really do appreciate it.

Happy Travels!

– Anne Lewis

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